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Griba Nursery has been producing fruit plants of the highest & best quality for almost 40 years.

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Established in 1987, Griba Nursery is a renowned company in the field of apple tree cultivation. With a team of 15 and 7 partners, we have gained extensive experience and expertise over the course of nearly 40 years. Our success is reflected in the sale of 2.5 million apple tree plants worldwide.

The apple, being one of the most popular fruits globally, offers a wide range of varieties that cater to diverse tastes and sales demands. Griba Nursery has excelled in producing both established and innovative varieties, thanks to our years of experience, diverse cultivation methods, and the exchange of knowledge between generations. Our nurseries serve as the foundation for fruit growing, where we emphasize both traditional and modern approaches. While our primary focus has been apple trees, we have expanded our offerings to include various other fruit varieties. Through our dedication to quality, Griba Nursery has established itself as a trusted name in the apple tree cultivation industry.


Mio. Fruit plants

Three strengths we are proud of!

The areas in which we specialize and in which we can offer decades of experience are production, apple farming and customer-oriented services.

Some of our varieties

Fuji Kiku® Fubrax

Variety: Fuji Kiku® Fubrax C.O.V.
Origin: mutation of Fuji Kiku® 8
Licence holder: Kiku GmbH
Description: stripy red coloured Fuji suitable for higher region

Red Velox®

Variety: Red Velox® Stark Gugger
Origin: Mutation of Red Delicious Standard
Licence holder: Griba Vivai coop. Soc. agr.
Description: the big dark red Stark with typical form and taste


Variety: Granny Challenger® Dalivair C.O.V.
Origin: sport of Granny Smith
Licence holder: SNC Elaris
Description: the green one with white points


Mildly acidic, aromatic, juicy and crunchy. These are the characteristics of the Bonita apple.
A cross between Topaz and Cripps Pink, it has a bright red top color. It is especially popular in organic farming.

Origin: Italy
License holder: KSB

Griba has the right to produce the Bonita variety.

Golden Reinders®

Variety: Golden Reinders® C.O.V.
Origin: mutation of Golden Delicious
Licence holder: Reinders M.H.
Description: Golden less susceptible to russet, suitable for lower areas

Gala Buckeye®

Variety: Gala Buckeye® Simmons C.O.V.
Origin: Mutation of Imperial Gala
Licence holder: DL Davodeau-Ligonnière and Valois Pepeniers
Description: The intense red and lightly striped Gala for all locations


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