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It is well known: Taste is not something that can be calculated. We also prefer different varieties of apples and each member produces the ones they like best. At the moment we have more than 30 different varieties of apples in our range. It is very important to us that we always supply the best quality apples. Our 7 partners are always on site and carry out regular quality checks. Our plants grow all over the world because they are well adapted to different climatic conditions.

Golden Delicious ‚Klon B‘ LB®

Variety: Golden Delicious ‚Klon B‘ LB®
Origin: mutation of clone B
Licence holder: Laimburg
Description: The Golden with red blush

Golden Reinders®

Variety: Golden Reinders® C.O.V.
Origin: mutation of Golden Delicious
Licence holder: Reinders M.H.
Description: Golden less susceptible to russet, suitable for lower areas

Golden Parsi da rosa®- only on order

Variety: Golden Parsi da rosa®
Origin: mutation of Golden clone B
Licence holder: Kiku GmbH
Description: the less rusty susceptible Golden Delicious with red blush

Granny Smith

Variety: Granny Smith
Origin: chance seedling from Australia
Licence holder: /
Description: the classic green oldie


Variety: Granny Challenger® Dalivair P.V.R
Origin: sport of Granny Smith
Licence holder: Dalival
Description: the green one with white points

Gala DarkBaron®

Variety: DarkBaron® Gala 2013
Origin: mutation of Gala Standard
Licence holder: Griba Vivai coop. Soc. agr.
Description: The darkest Gala of its kind


Variety: GALAVAL ® P.V.R.
Origin: mutation of Gala Galaxy, France
Licence holder: Dalival / IFO
Description: The big dark washed Gala for every region

Gala RedLum®

Variety: Gala RedLum®
Origin: mutation of Gala Standard
Licence holder: Griba Vivai coop. Soc. agr.
Description: The big stripy Gala for hilly region

Gala Schniga® SchniCo red(s)

Variety: Gala Schniga® SchniCo red(s)
Origin: Italy
Licence holder: Schniga GmbH
Description: dark, washed out red top color

Gala Buckeye®

Variety: Gala Buckeye® Simmons P.V.R.
Origin: Mutation of Gala, USA
Licence holder: CADAMON
Description: The intense red and striped Gala for all locations

Devil Gala

Variety: Devil Gala P.V.R.
Origin: Sport of Gala, Italy
Licence holder: Nursery F.lli Zanzi
Description: Dark red washed, strongest coloring of the Gala variety.

Gala Nerissimo©

Variety: Gala Nerissimo©
Origin: Griba Nursery
Variety owner: Griba
Description: distinct dark red color, washed.

Red Velox®

Variety: Red Velox®
Origin: Mutation of Red Delicious Standard
Licence holder: Griba Vivai coop. Soc. agr.
Description: the big dark red Stark with typical form and taste

Jeromine P.V.R

Variety: Red Delicious Jeromine P.V.R
Origin: mutation of Early Red One® Erovan
Licence holder: Dalival / IFO
Description: the famous dark-red of Red Delicious

Scarlet Spur®

Variety: Scarlet Spur® Evasni C.O.V.
Origin: mutation of Oregonspur® Trumdor Red Delicious
Licence holder: Van Well
Description: the most colouring Red Delicious spur

King® Roat Red Delicious

Variety: King® Roat Red Delicious
Licens holder: Braun Nursery, Italy
Description: full colour washed Red Delicious with intense, bright dark red over colour, high built elegant fruit, colours a few weeks earlier & consistent yields

Braeburn Aporo® Mariri Red C.O.V.

Variety: Braeburn Aporo® Mariri Red C.O.V.
Origin: mutation of Braeburn
Licence holder: M. Easten/ DavodeauLigonniére
Description: the Breaburn with dark red colour with light stripes


Origin: mutation of Fuji standard, New Zealand
Licence holder: Dalival / IFO
Description: the suitable red Fuji for all regions

Fuji Kiku® Fubrax

Variety: Fuji Kiku® Fubrax C.O.V.
Origin: mutation of Fuji Kiku® 8
Licence holder: Kiku GmbH
Description: stripy red coloured Fuji suitable for higher region


Variety: SAN-CIV® FUCIV51pbr
Origin: mutation of Fuji standard
Licence holder: Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti
Description: the perfect Fuji for lower regions


Variety: Rubelit C.O.V.
Origin: Topaz x UEB 2732/2
Licence holder: KSB
Description: the resistant red stripy apple

Red Jonaprince Select

Variety: Wilton’s® Star Red Jonaprince Select
Origin: mutation of Red Jonaprince®
Licence holder: Red Jonaprince
Description: apple with intensive red coloration


Variety: Pinova
Origin: Golden Delicious x Cox’s Orange Pippin x Duchess of Oldenburg
Licence holder: Freistaat Sachsen
Description: the yellow-reddish shaded apple – crispy and juicy


Variety: Red Idared C.O.V.
Origin: mutation of Idared
Licence holder: Dalival
Description: the intensely red sweet – and – sour apple


Variety: KANZI® is a natural cross between Gala and Braeburn. The variety is very crunchy for a longer period of time. It is grown, cultivated and maintained in eleven countries around the world.
Licence holder: EFC CV
Origin: Belgium

Griba is authorized to produce Nicoter cov (TM: Kanzi®) in Italy.

All info at: kanziapple.com

WA38 / Cosmic Crisp®

Variety: This apple is a combination of the Enterprise and Honeycrisp varieties. The juicy, crisp flesh and fine texture are characteristic. They have a sweet and sour taste.

Variety owner: PVM
Origin: Wenatchee WA, USA

Griba has the tree production right of the WA38 variety (TM: Cosmic Crisp®) for licensed partners in Italy. The trees are not exported outside the licensed area.

All info at: www.cosmiccrisp.eu


UEB6581-Dolce Vita

All shades of red are present in UEB6581.
The apple is medium sized. It is between Gala and Golden.

Origin: Italy
License holder: KSB

Griba has the right to produce UEB6581.


Mildly acidic, aromatic, juicy and crunchy. These are the characteristics of the Bonita apple.
A cross between Topaz and Cripps Pink, it has a bright red top color. It is especially popular in organic farming.

Origin: Italy
License holder: KSB

Griba has the right to produce the Bonita variety.

many other varieties on request & order


Williams BC
Max Red Bartlett
Decana Del Comizio
Kaiser Alexander
Santa Maria

Products are produced in collaboration with authorized partners.

many other varieties on request & order



Own cultivation and in cooperation with partners and licensed nurseries.

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