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Fruit Attraction 2023 in Madrid. A place for exchange and innovation. We tasted 6 new varieties with visitors from all over the world and received promising feedback.

3 exciting days are behind us. The latest trends & developments in our industry, valuable feedback from potential customers on our varieties, but also the exchange between experts and suppliers. We were able to make many new contacts and focus on our breeding programme. It is a time for sharing, innovation and growth. We don’t need to hide here either, so we used the Fruit Attraction to show 6 new varieties at the same time. We had tastings with people from all over the world. One variety was particularly well received. For us, the fair was a great success and we are going back to work with these impressions.
Could we arouse your interest? We are looking for suitable partners for our new varieties. Let us convince you of the many advantages of our varieties. Ask us your questions and let our team advise you personally: info@griba.it.

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