GRIBA - the nursery of South Tyrol
Apple, pear and cherry trees of quality

The GRIBA nursery of South Tyrol for over 25 years produces

of the highest quality. The nursery was founded by four fruit growers of Gries / Bolzano. This explains the name,  an abbreviation of GRIeser BAumschule (ie the Gries nursery). Over the years, the small partnership has become a cooperative.

Today GRIBA has 14 members and produces over two million fruit trees a year. The GRIBA associates have their activities in the Po valley. Perfectly suitable soil and climatic conditions are best to grow young trees of good quality.

Our strengths:

 Our success:

  • availability of varieties most in demand in the market
  • GRIBA holds the rights to production of the variety Nicoter cov (TM: Kanzi ®(1)) in Italy
  • GRIBA deals with the development of their new varieties and clones, for example: Gala RedLum®  RedVelox®

(1) Trademark for Fruits, Licence required

Apple Trees of GRIBA, the Nursery of the South Tyrol / Italy
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