The quality Tree Nursery of the South Tyrol / Italy
Consultant for the arrangement and management of orchards

Welcome to the website of the GRIBA Nursery based in South Tyrol - Italy!
GRIBA boasts over 25 years experience in the production of apple, cherry and pear trees, and it is a cooperative which has 14 member companies.
GRIBA is the largest Tree Nursery in South Tyrol and annually produces over two million trees of excellent quality!

Consulting & Service
Besides the production of apple, cherry and pear trees of excellent quality, GRIBA works as a consultant in the planning, implementation and management of orchards, internationally!
Customers throughout Europe and the rest of the world have already placed their trust!
Interested?! - We are pleased to advise you!

Kanzi ® of Griba Nursery
GRIBA holds the rights to production of the variety Nicoter cov (TM: Kanzi ®(1)) in Italy!

(1) Trademark for Fruits, Licence required

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